Terms and Conditions


Its unofficial translation from Estonia of the original Terms and conditions (original in Estonian lang).

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all legal entities or individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "Client")  and covered of the goods purchase in the online store HH.ee (hereinafter referred to as the Store) via of the Netto Kaubandus OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Seller).

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, all relations between the Store, the Seller and the Customer are governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Estonia.


All mentioned prices include VAT (20%).

The delivery fee can be added to the prices according to the chosen delivery method.


The customer has the right to choose between the following payment methods:

Direct payment through the Internet bank SEB, Swedbank, Danske bank.

Invoice for bank transfer to the specified Seller account . The term of payment is 2 working days starting from the date and time  indicated on the order document. If the invoice remains unpaid after the expiry of the period, the order is automatically canceled.


The customer has the right to choose between available on site delivery shipping options.The goods are delivered usual withing 2 days to the  Customer in accordance of the terms and conditions of shipping company . In  case if orders made on weekdays after 12 pm, as well as on weekends and holidays, are forwarded to the carrier on the next business day and delivered to the Customer on the following working day.

In the selected self-service mail machine  Omniva within three working days.

Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Latvia. Delivery of goods to the islands may take more time and is carried out based on the possibilities of transport communication with the islands.

The seller notifies the Customer by e-mail after  transfer of the goods to the delivery service operator.

The customer is obliged to check the completeness and correctness of all order details provided to him before ordering, in order to avoid delays and uncertainties when delivering an order. The Seller shall not be liable for the delay in the delivery of the goods if it is caused by inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect data provided by the Client when placing the order.

In case the package contains fragile items and is marked with a red label "Ettevaatlikult" ("Caution"), the Customer is advised to open it in the presence of a postal employee or courier service and make sure all the objects are not damaged. If the contents of the parcel are damaged, the Seller asks the Customer to notify the mail or courier about this to the employee and register this fact in accordance with instructions received from them, after which notify the Seller as soon as possible.

Purchase returns.

The Customer has the right to wreturn purchase within 14 days from the date the order was handed over to the Client, informing the Seller in writing about it. The seller asks to indicate in the application the reason for the return of the goods.

In case of order cancel, the Customer is obliged to return the purchased goods to the Seller within 30 days from the date of notification of the Seller about his desire to withdraw from the transaction. All costs associated with the return of goods for up to 10 € are paid by the Customer (except for cases of return of goods with defects).

After the goods return, the Seller  return to the Customer all the money paid for the goods, including the costs paid by the Customer for the delivery of the goods from the Store, to the same  account from  payment was made, within 30 days.

To realize the right to return the goods ,the Customer must carefully open the packaging of the goods and return the goods together with the packaging. When sale packing damaged in this case return not accepted.


The seller is responsible for the quality of the goods within 2 (two) years, starting from the day of sale. The basis for making claims is order invoice received by the Customer by e-mail.

The Seller is not responsible for:

if damage to the goods coused by Customer's fault or negligence;

normal wear of the goods due to normal operation.

In case of defects in the goods, the Customer has the right  request of repair service from the Seller  (by repair or replacement for a similar item  without defects).

In case if Seller can not fix defect or replace the goods, the Customer has the right to return of the paid money in accordance with the current legislation.

Force majeure

The Seller and the Client shall be liable to each other for damage caused to the other party as a result of the violation of the above Terms, in the manner and in the amount provided for by the low of the Republic of Estonia.

The Seller shall not be liable to the Customer for non-fulfillment of his obligations (delay of goods delivery)  if  the Seller could not foresee or for which he could not influence (the so-called force majeure) .

Security policy and other provisions

1. When Client registering at the Store and making purchases, the Seller stores information about his personal information (name and surname, ordinary and e-mail addresses, contact phone number) and all information about the made purchases . All data received from the Client in the course of placing an order are considered by the Seller as personal data of the Client and processed as confidential information in accordance with the  Processing Personal Data Low for better procurement planning and analysis of consumer preferences. The seller does not transfer any of the received data to third parties,  except of the minimum data necessary for organizing the delivery of the goods. The client has the right to view the data at the disposal of the Seller, and also to prohibit their further processing.

2. Method of encrypted data transfer between the Store and banks ensures that no third parties, including the Seller, accesses the Bank's personal banking details.

3. All disagreements that occur between the Client and the Seller are resolved through negotiations. The seller responds to complaints to the Client by e-mail within 5 working days. In case if disagreements can not be settled by reaching a compromise, the Client has the right to apply to protect the interests of the Consumer Protection Board or Tallinn City Court. All disputes arising as a result of a lack of agreement or unregulated by these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved on the basis of the cur- rent acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

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